LoyLap for Cafes

Your customers come for the brew and service; we can help them keep coming back through recognition and rewards

LoyLap's modular structure enables you to pick and choose what you need to help your business run at its maximum efficiency.


Lock in future revenues today

Start by simply selling Gift Cards to lock in future revenue today, or go the full 9 yards with a fully fledged application for your business; we’ll help you make the decision that matches your business goals.

Prepaid Store Cards

For those super regular and corporate customers

Loyalty System

That’s the right fit for you and your customers

Gift Cards

to help bring in new customers

Online ordering

Increase customer convenience and bust those peak queues


Send offers and promotions directly to customers

Rewarding Payments

Skip the hassle of accepting payment with cash/card, and then applying the loyalty rewards separately, delivery both in the same instant with LoyLap.

Your customers are seeking rewarding convenience, and LoyLap delivers on this with our loyalty driven payments. We combine loyalty and payments in one by enabling customers link their Debit Card to their LoyLap account for your business.

How does it work 

1: Customer downloads LoyLap app and creates an account

2: Customer Links their Debit Card to the App

3: Customer chooses to top-up account and get loyalty bonus in advance, or customer pays on each occasion using their phone, with LoyLap automatically taking a charge from their card and adding loyalty rewards with each transaction.

Choose between your own branded app, or your brand on the primary LoyLap app.

Your Own Branded App – LoyLap will build and release an application to both app stores in your businesses name and brand, with the LoyLap features you have chosen. This app will stay constantly up to date with the latest and greatest technology from LoyLap; all in your businesses brand. Enquire about your own branded app

LoyLap App – Included in all our products is the option to have your business listed on the LoyLap app. Once a customer then transacts in your business, the app morphs to your brand colours and preferences; becoming the app for your business. Give your customers the gift of convenience with the LoyLap app

Custom App LoyLap
Order and Pay LoyLap

Website App 

No matter what you choose, all our customers get a Website App included with our service.

With just a few lines of code added to your website, your customers can login to their account directly on your website. Here they can

  • View Balances and Transactions
  • Top up
  • View Available Offers
  • Make Pre Orders

Cards for your Cafe

Sometimes a app isn’t the right choice for all customers, that why LoyLap has physical options to choose from to offer your customers the choice they need.

Choose between Credit Card sized Gift Cards, or smaller key ring fobs. With these your customers can earn loyalty rewards and get recognised by your businesses simply by displaying the QR on the cards.

LoyLap Campaigns

Enhance your Gift Card offering by reaching out and engaging with your customers. Use LoyLap Campaigns to easily send targeted offers and smart promotions to your customers in-app, via email or online. 

Target your customers based on:

LoyLap Campaigns Promotions

It’s proven more effective to increase revenues from existing customers rather than to try win new customers. Contact us to see how we can help