Who We Are

LoyLap is a team of purpose-driven and intensely dedicated employees working towards a singular goal. From our founding, we have worked towards developing and advancing technology which moulds seamlessly into the DNA of any business and delivers tangible value to our client customers. Our company values allow us to achieve this goal through a set of shared priorities that we as a company aspire to each day.

Values that drive our business and yours

Decentralised decison making

This guarantees that any LoyLap employee (from our product team ensuring updates bring concrete benefits to our clients, to our success team assessing the critical nature of every client and their system needs) is empowered to take ownership and take action in a manner that meets the demands of our company and clients.

Unity of Purpose

Our value set unites every member of our team around the priorities of both LoyLap and our clients. Beyond unity, our values are a key part of how we deliver service to our client customers. No matter the challenge, we always evaluate problems and make decisions through the lens of our values.

  • We are a Fintech company and our clients cannot tolerate mistakes or errors.
  • Our number one priority is always to ensure the Stability of operations for our clients on the LoyLap Platform.

  • We are determined to never give up.
  • No matter the challenge (be it following up on potential clients, matching businesses with the LoyLap product that would benefit them the most, or completing and perfecting difficult technical projects) our tenacity drives us to complete even the most demanding tasks.

  • We are a growing and scaling company, but we retain entrepreneurialism and enterprise at the heart of our organisation.
  • We are always aware of what we can do to improve our product for our clients and how we can improve our company for our people.

  • We can never settle and we will never cease to provide the most competitive product possible.
  • While stability is our core value, we always have an eye on stable progress into the future.
  • We will always continue to improve our services and the ROI our clients derive from working with LoyLap.