5 things your Business can do with Gift Cards

Published November 2, 2017
3 minutes read

When you think of a Gift Card, you must be careful to always remember that ‘Gift Card’ is just a branding & marketing term; in essence the cards are simply a store of value for your Business. Think of them as your own local business currency. Once you start thinking … Read More

Not what your customers can do for you, but what you can do for your Customer

Published November 2, 2017
2 minutes read

In the ABC of a Business, ‘A’ mostly refers to the basic fact, “Customer is always right”. An essential element of understanding that has revolutionized the way businesses interact in the marketplace these days is the way they understand their consumer behavior and comprehend to their buyer personas. What businesses … Read More

Knowing Your Customer and Creating Product Loyalty

Published April 24, 2017
3 minutes read

Understanding your product and getting to know your Customer is one of the fundamentals of establishing Product Loyalty. By answering these 6 questions, you can gain insights about your customers.     What need and want does the product address? The answer to this question will highlight your Unique Selling … Read More

Demonstrating the Value of Your Loyalty System

Published April 5, 2017
4 minutes read

  For a new loyalty system to gain traction, your first challenge is to clearly demonstrate the value of your to your customers. Given the plethora of different loyalty systems in the market, customers may be unaware or misinformed; unless they know what the system can give back to them. Let’s … Read More

Gathering Customer Information

Published April 4, 2017
3 minutes read

Getting your customers to sign up and share information can be tricky. The foundation to implementing a successful loyalty programme is to capture relevant customer information and use it to your advantage. A registration or sign up form is the first touch point with your customer to reinforce a Loyalty … Read More

Training Your Staff

Published April 3, 2017
3 minutes read

Your staff is your constant connection to your customers. So it is critical that they understand the value of a good loyalty system mentioned in the previous section: Demonstrating the Value of Your Loyalty System. Through this staff training guide, your staff will have a clear understanding of these values … Read More

In Store Promotions

Published April 2, 2017
3 minutes read

It is important to subtly introduce the idea of a Loyalty service before actually asking your customer to join. This is where in-store promotions really shine. These promotions help your customer to decide if they would consider joining your Loyalty service. Having the right instore promotions at the right places … Read More

Reach Out Via Social Media

Published April 1, 2017
4 minutes read

  The final piece of the puzzle is to reach out to new and existing customers using social media. It serves as a platform for encouraging new customers to try out your business while also engaging with your existing customers who follow you. We discussed the different methods of on-boarding … Read More

Basics of Loyalty Economics

Published May 16, 2016
3 minutes read

  With the increasing number of competitors in every Business, it has become more important to retain existing customers. With a plethora of options available, customers tend to deflect between Businesses. Understanding this customer behaviour with a goal to trigger loyalty, has led to the evolution of ‘Loyalty Economics’. Business … Read More

What’s better than loyal customers? Loyal promoters

Published August 21, 2015
2 minutes read

The best loyalty system in the world won’t keep your customers coming back. Rewards and cash back on their own won’t either. Customer loyalty and great customer service work hand in hand helping you retain your customers and turn them into promoters for your business. Customer service Exceptional customer service … Read More