Case Study: ALMA Restaurant

Restaurant switches to LoyLap to save time and money and improve customer experience.

ALMA is a small family-run restaurant set in the heart of Portobello, Dublin. They serve Argentinian-inspired brunch using fresh, local ingredients all cooked from scratch. The restaurant had been using multiple different providers for everything from their online ordering to their customer loyalty rewards and it was becoming expensive and time-consuming.

Online Ordering
Loyalty Management
Gift Cards

Looking for an All-in-One Solution

Small business owners know that every penny needs to be accounted for and that every decision can make or break the business. So when ALMA decided it was time for an upgrade to their online ordering system, they did their research.

ALMA wanted better online ordering functionality, including being able to manage capacity in the kitchen and giving customers loyalty rewards even when they are not dining in-house—all with less headache around reporting for the accountant. The team also wanted to manage as few third parties as possible.

ALMA has seen an increase in sales of sides and extras in using LoyLap Online Ordering, finding that customers are ordering more food items through the app than they would if they were in the restaurant

How ALMA streamlined their operations with LoyLap

With LoyLap’s integrated system ALMA has been able to streamline its operations. Not only has it helped the business to take control of kitchen capacity and give customers a really seamless ordering experience, but as LoyLap is fully integrated with the Clover POS system, it keeps all of ALMA’s records in one place solving reporting headaches as there is one place to go to see all sales data making financial reporting a breeze.

It’s easy to use for both their staff and customers and offers the control and flexibility they need to manage their business. Customers love being able to browse the menu online and see the pictures of the food and also enjoy the convenience of being able to order, pay and collect loyalty rewards points for a time in the future, even when the kitchen is closed.

What small businesses can learn from ALMA's story

Overall, LoyLap helped ALMA to improve their customer experience and run their business more efficiently while focussing more on what they do best – creating a unique brunch experience that transports their customers to Argentina. 

Small businesses owners have a lot on their plate. They need to focus on making great food, keeping customers happy, and managing finances – all while trying to grow the business. It’s no wonder that so many small businesses turn to technology solutions like LoyLap to help them manage different aspects of their business more efficiently.

Happy Customers, Happy Accountant, Happy Business Owner

If you’re a small business owner, then it’s time to explore what LoyLap can do for you. With its integrated system, LoyLap can help you to manage your operations more efficiently, giving you more control over your business and helping you to focus on what you do best. So why not take a look at what LoyLap has to offer today?

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