A Great Catch for Fishbar

When opening his brand new fish and chip business in Skerries, Jonny Bracken of Lifeboat Cafe and Fishbar knew from the outset he needed to offer online ordering as an option for his customers. He was looking for an app that would help him grow his business when he found LoyLap. Fishbar started using LoyLap three months after opening and has not looked back since then.

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The Perfect Solution for Busy
Quick-Service Restaurants

From the moment it opened, Fishbar established itself as a popular choice among locals and tourists alike with its seafront location and delicious fresh food. Fishbar customers are able to order food from the window directly onsite, by telephone, and by ordering online through their custom-branded mobile app. Such huge popularity, particularly at peak times, meant that the restaurant was receiving so many orders that it was becoming something of a logistical nightmare. That’s where LoyLap comes in. 

Increased Kitchen Efficiency and Business Intelligence

The click and collect function allows customers to reserve food, guaranteeing that they will receive it at the time they choose. This allows the kitchen to be more efficient, producing more food at the right times and preparing it in advance when necessary. 

In addition, the data about orders gathered in LoyLap, including dish popularity and peak ordering periods, has allowed Fishbar to make informed planning decisions in areas like on the ordering of ingredients from suppliers resulting in reduced food waste, greater efficiencies and more cost savings.

QR codes, Mobile Ordering and Payment

Mobile ordering and payment are a win-win for Fishbar and its customers. While the business benefits from more streamlined order management, customers can also beat the queue when they order from Fishbar mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Also, with QR codes displayed outside the order window, passers by can scan the code to open the menu, place their order for a time that suits them and pay for it online too. The order prints in the kitchen immediately and a notification is sent to the customer by email and push notification if they have the Fishbar mobile app.

Ease of Use: A Top Priority

With Fishbar’s large and diverse customer base, the online ordering system’s functionality and simplicity were major priorities to ensure that all customers felt comfortable and confident using it. 

“It’s easy to use, and our older customers appreciate that it is not glitchy or complicated. The time slot functionality is especially popular, as it allows our customers to pick up their fish and chips when it suits them.” 

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Fishbar understands how important it is to reward customer loyalty and strives to earn more loyal customers. Using LoyLap’s integrated loyalty management tools, Fishbar makes certain that regular and loyal clients are acknowledged as a token of appreciation. Users who order via the app or present it when paying at the restaurant get 2% credit for every €1 they spend.

Fully Integrated Solution for Hospitality Businesses

LoyLap is fully integrated with Fishbar’s Clover POS making the solution a one-stop for businesses in the food and beverage service industry. The in-store orders and online systems work seamlessly together making the business owners’ (and their accountants’) lives so much easier. 

With a restaurant as popular as Fishbar, it’s only natural they’d occasionally run out of certain items or dishes towards the end of a hectic day, necessitating their disabling from the online menu to avoid customer disappointment. The integration between LoyLap Online Ordering and Fishbar’s POS allows the staff to take ownership of this, enabling them to instantly hide items from the menu when something is running low. There is no need for a laptop or calling an administrator; Fishbar’s trusted and capable staff are in the driving seat. This helps ensure that customers always have a great experience at Fishbar, no matter how busy they are.

LoyLap + Fishbar

Fishbar’s story is one that many small business owners can relate to. They needed an online ordering solution that worked with their other systems to save time and money. Not only did LoyLap help increase kitchen efficiency, but it also helped with customer loyalty management and made the ordering process simpler for both customers and staff.

Using LoyLap, Fishbar has created a branded digital experience that complements and enhances its on-location offering, caters to its diverse customer base all year round, and allows more people to enjoy their delicious food! We are excited to see how Fishbar will continue to grow and succeed with LoyLap.

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