How Potager's LoyLap gift card program boosted their business

Before Potager, a small fine-dining restaurant in Skerries, Co. Dublin, even opened its doors in 2019, business owner Sarah knew that gift vouchers would be a popular option for their business. They searched for a gift card provider that would integrate with their till system and not cause any extra work and found LoyLap. The results have been overwhelmingly positive; the integration between LoyLap and the Clover point of sale was smooth and easy to use, and the gift vouchers have been a huge success for Potager, meeting and exceeding Sarah's expectations.

Gift Cards

Choosing the right gift card solution

As a small business, with a very busy team, Potager needed a gift card system that was easy to manage and integrated well with their point of sale system. They were looking for a solution that was user-friendly while also aligning with and complimenting their brand image.

User-friendly app makes setting up a gift card program easy

Potager started off using only physical gift cards as their main gifting solution. They found that the quality and professional appearance of these vouchers really stood out for them. Plus, they make for a great branding opportunity. Sarah, one of the business owners, enthused that “the physical gift cards truly feel like a quality product”; a sentiment that is completely in line with Potager’s business image which was exactly what they were looking for.

The process of getting up and running was seamless and easy, thanks to the user-friendly app and the integration with Clover point of sale. Sarah said, “It’s a very well integrated system, it actually does what it is meant to do, which is really refreshing”.

Some softwares say they they are integrated, but they aren’t really. They'll require manual export and update of data but LoyLap is ACTUALLY integrated very well with Clover.

Sarah RyanPotager Owner

You are shooting yourself in the foot by not having digital vouchers as well.

Sarah RyanPotager Owner

Increased business opportunities with digital gift cards

After launching their gift card program, Potager realised that they were missing out on potential sales by only using physical vouchers. In order to capitalise on impulse purchases and other opportunities for increased business, they implemented digital vouchers too. With the help of LoyLap digital gift cards, Potager is able to provide customers with a faster, more convenient option as digital vouchers eliminate any time lag between purchase and delivery making them ideal for those last-minute shoppers.

A profitable investment

LoyLap gift cards have been a huge success for Potager! They found that gift card sales far exceeded any expectations they had, particularly over their first festive period.

Gift cards have allowed the business to generate more cash flow as well as bring in new customers when they enjoy their meal and then buy a voucher for someone else to share the experience. Additionally, with customers typically spending above the value of their voucher, LoyLap has been a profitable investment for the business.

As a new business, harsh pandemic restrictions have hampered Potager’s growth, but Sarah is now looking forward to the future and ways to expand and grow the business. Looking at how successful gift cards have been for her restaurant, Sarah recommends that other business owners, especially restaurants, also consider a gift card solution.

We had a lot of money coming in before we even anticipated we would, so the cashflow benefits were huge for us.

Sarah RyanPotager Owner

The ideal gift card management software for your business

If you’re a small business looking for an easy-to-manage and well-integrated gift card system, look no further than LoyLap! With our user-friendly app, you’ll be up and running in no time. Our gift cards have been a huge success for businesses like Potager, generating cash flow and bringing in new customers. So why not give them a try? Contact us today to get started!

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