All LoyLap software seamlessly integrates with the Clover POS.

LoyLap is designed to work perfectly from within your Clover Register, with an absolute minimum of time and effort involved. All our software aims to bridge the gap between physical presence businesses and their customers, enabling you to understand and engage with your customers like an online business. 

Out Software Suite


Gift Cards

Order and Pay

Reward your customers and keep them coming back.

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Sell Gift Cards and win new customers.

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Let your customers order and pay online and collect in-store.

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Enterprise Cashless Systems

For corporate customers, we offer our entire software suite in one single Cashless System for one or more locations.

In today’s world, technology changes faster than ever before. We’re happy to offer our Enterprise Cashless System as SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning that we can constantly innovate and offer new technologies to existing customers on an on-demand basis.

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LoyLap on Clover Terminal Plan

If you’re not using the full Clover POS system, but still using the Clover Mini to process credit and debit card payments, LoyLap can still help you succeed. Both our Loyalty and our Gift Card software work on the Clover Terminal Plan.

Loyalty     Gift Cards

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