Custom Branded App

Connect digitally to your customers by enabling them load funds to their account with your business on own custom branded app.

Reduce your Merchant Service fees by letting your customers load funds to their account in one larger sum, rather than paying a flat fee of a couple of cents for each small transaction

With your own branded app, your customers are able to load funds to a digital account for your business. These funds are deposited immediately in your bank account, and you can offer a loyalty incentive (e.g. 5% bonus) for customers who load their account through the mobile app

See you how you can reduce your Merchant Charges and instead offer enhanced payment experience to your customers. 


By adopting digital technology to enhance your offering to your customers, your business gains immediate from the operational benefits that drive your business processes, and the informational benefits that help drive your decision making.

In a mobile world, a standard website is no longer sufficient for your business’s digital presence. Your customers need a connection with your business straight from their Smartphone at the touch of a button.

See for yourself the feedback you can expect to receive for a Custom App powered by LoyLap

Not just a custom design, but also custom features

Let us help you build the app that will work best for your business.

Payment & Loyalty in One

Customers can link their Debit Cards to your business app and pay via a QR codes, automatically adding loyalty and saving receipts.

Top up

Customers can top-up their account with the option of receiving a bonus amount for topping up. Your business gets paid in advance, and the customers money works for them, a win-win.

In App Ordering

Enable your customers to order directly from your app, with the order being sent directly to your POS for maximum efficiency.

Offers and Promotions

Send offers directly to customers in app, with customers simply needing to display the QR code at the POS to redeem.

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We believe in a complete experience that works for all your customers

With a App from LoyLap, we also provide you with the technology to add a ‘login’ button to your website so that your customers can have all the benefits of the app, directly on your website.

How LoyLap helped Florence Coffee achieve their goals

Within 45 days of launch, the app gathered over 2000 downloads

in 2 months along with an average rating of 4.7 stars across both Google andApple stores.

Florence Coffee Co

Mobile app integration to EPOS for next generation customer experience

17 locations in Montana, USA

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