LoyLap Customer Insights

All your customers in one place

Customer insights
Custom Payments

Make Business decisions based on purchase data

With LoyLap, we turn everyday transactions into actionable insights that inform you of the LoyLap activity in your business, as well as provide macro insights on sales based on customer demographics. With each transaction that you process with LoyLap, the smarter your business becomes. 

Monitor top level activity with the LoyLap Dashboard

The LoyLap Dashboard is designed to give a high-level overview of your top customers & their value to your business. With your new Dashboard you can view

  • Transactions processed
  • Total value of Gift Card Sales & Liabilities
  • Top Loyal Customers

And much more

Reward different customers differently

With your Dashboard you can view accounts for all customers who have made a transaction with LoyLap. We help customer relationship management become a frictionless experience with the ability to


View all customers with buying preferences & frequency

Customized Loyalty

Change loyalty rewards to specific customers

Credit Accounts

Enable certain key accounts hold a credit account with your business

Remote Management

Remotely manage customers balances with the ability to bulk upload balances to customers

Don’t just understand, engage with your customers based on real data

LoyLap Campaigns lets you act on your data in a seamless fashion. With LoyLap campaigns you can remotely send offers and promotions to customers directly in app, perfectly integrated with your POS.

LoyLap Campaigns

Learn more about how LoyLap can help you understand your customers