How our Scan&Go app helped Chop'd with customer self checkouts


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LoyLap Cashless is currently operating at 75 locations for Bannatyne gyms


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Central Bank
Find out how LoyLap Cashless helped Central Bank with their facilities management

Central Bank

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"We're very happy with choosing LoyLap."

At Inish Pharmacy, we’ve been using LoyLap in our pharmacies in Co. Donegal since early summer 2015. We’ve found LoyLap very easy to use, and the analytics from the dashboards much easier to interpret than our previous provider.

"The LoyLap team were on hand to provide a smooth transition between loyalty platforms, and we’ve found the ongoing support to be excellent. In addition, using LoyLap with the Clover EPOS stations is a further benefit to have loyalty and customer management integrated at the point of sale.

All in all, we’re very happy with choosing LoyLap."

-Paul O'Hea, owner

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LoyLap helped us achieve our goals

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Bear Market

Thanks to LoyLap, we are able to serve more customers

We’ve been using LoyLap for 2 months at Warren Allen Coffee. In that short space of time, we’ve had over 120 customers using the loyalty system, and the feedback has been nothing but positive.

As a business, the move away from a card based loyalty system to a smartphone based one was one of the best decisions we have ever made, and it makes a clear statement to our customers that we are committed to bringing them the best.

-Sean Kennedy, owner