Up to 80% of your revenues can come from the same 20% of customers; let us help you make sure they know they’re appreciated

We’ve been doing loyalty systems for micro to large sized business for over 8 years; so we’ve learned a thing or two along the way in how to make our Loyalty system work for your business.

Loyalty is not about just giving away free products to customers, rather it is about building a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for your business to engage with your customers easily, make sure they are rewarded automatically for their custom, and ensure they keep coming back to you.

With LoyLap we automate this process for you so that rewarding your loyalty customers and keeping them coming back gets built into the culture of your business.

It all Starts with your Base Loyalty System

Depending on your business type, we will advise on a Base Loyalty System that is easy for your customers to understand what they are getting, and also easy for them to explain to their friends to encourage growth of your loyalty program.

Stamp Loyalty

A digital version of the classic loyalty system designed for low priced items with high frequency purchases

Credit Back Loyalty

Offer a percentage back to customers on each purchase that they make.

Discount Loyalty

Offer an immediate discount with the option to offer higher and lower discounts to different customers.

Surprise and Delight customers
then with LoyLap Campaigns

Once your loyalty system is up and running, you can then start to create rewards that customers receive in app, and easily redeem at the Point of Sale.

When you start, we give you the option to turn on four separate campaigns that we know your customers will love – and you can also turn on as many as your heart desired; there are currently 327 combination available and counting!

Starter Campaigns

Birthday Campaign – automatically give customers a present just from you

Lapsed Customers – get customers back in after they haven’t visited for a while

First Transaction Bonus – give customers a great reason to get started with your loyalty program

Frequent Customer Bonus – make sure your very best customers know it

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Schedule a call with one of our loyalty consultants who can talk you through the most appropriate system for your business based on our years of experience with thousands of customers.

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