Merchant App

LoyLap Merchant software is available to use on your Point of Sale (POS), Smart Phone and Tablet computers, and also via desktop app at Our desktop app is available on any browser, and enables you to process all LoyLap transactions directly from a Desktop or Laptop computer.
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With One Secure Login to Our

Merchant App, Your Team Can:

Sell & Redeem Gift Cards

Find the customer you want to sell or redeem by card number or name and choose the amount and type of transaction. It will proceed immediately.

Send Digital Gift Cards

Input the details for whom the voucher needs to be sent to, as well as the sender and any message they wish to leave.

Add & Redeem Loyalty Transactions

Reward customers seamlessly by searching their LoyLap loyalty account to add and redeem loyalty rewards

View Customer Account Details & Transaction History

View all transactions an account made instantly and you can even leave notes on the transactions such as order IDs

Create a New Customer Account

Create a new account for a customers and apply an initial balance to their account. Your customer receives an email to activate their account and they're good to go.

Designed to work seamlessly

All LoyLap tools work seamlessly together,

so your team can employ the perfect

combination of technologies to enhance

your business operation. Your staff at the

register can use LoyLap apps perfectly

integration to the POS system, while your

staff at back of house can use the Desktop

app to manage customer accounts, issue

transactions such as Gift Card sales, and

reconcile transaction data

For our Apple customers, LoyLap also has a Merchant

App that can be downloaded to your Mac Computer as

an app program you can launch securely at any time