Online Ordering

Seamless technology to let your customers order online

Integrated Directly With Your POS
For Maximum Convenience

With believe in seamless integrated payments, and our online ordering is no different. With the ‘Order Ahead’ app from LoyLap on your POS, your customers’ can easily order online with the payment being taking directly, and the order sent directly through to your POS once confirmed.

Prepare for peak business hours with configurable options to work exactly as you need

Our system is flexible to how you do business, and our Customer Success team will work with you to set up ordering exactly as you need it.

Configure option such as:

– Order for Collection
– Order to Table
– Order for Delivery (you must have your own means of delivery)
– Integrated Rewards and Offers

How does
it work?

How does it work?

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Place Order

Your customer places an order through the App or Desktop.

Makes Payment

Your customer schedules a pickup time and pays for the order.

Order Management

You will receive an alert on your point of sale device with the order details.

Deliver & Collection

Order is collected, delivered to table, or delivered to location at scheduled time.

Customers Can Order
Directly From Your Website

We will give you a unique URL that can be added to your website and social media channels so your customers can order directly from your site with ease.

And They Can Order via
An App for Your Business

For our customers that have a White Label app with us, online ordering will be available within the app so your customers can easily order on the go without needing to enter payment and personal data.

Prices That Are Fair and Transparent

We believe in fees that help us grow your business, not fees that take all your hard-earned margin. Your business can get started with online ordering with us for just €40 per month, + 2.5% for each per online order transaction. This includes our loyalty and gift card technology to drive your sales even further.

Cost Comparison

The example below compares LoyLap fees against other options on the market for 150 transactions:



% fee free allowance

transaction fee

transaction fee




2.5% + 5c