With LoyLap Upfront, your customers can top up their balance with your business to the immediate advantage of both parties: you receive the top-up amount immediately to your bank account, and the customer can start using their loyalty bonus right away.

It’s the ultimate win-win.

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Improved transaction fee management.

LoyLap enables you to incentivise your customers to top-up more by offering a greater loyalty bonus. Larger top-ups mean less in total credit and debit card transaction fees, and more cash flow immediately into your account.

A 30c transaction fee on a 3€ cup of coffee? No thanks. LoyLap Upfront lets you set a minimum top-up amount to minimize wasteful transaction fees.


Increased Point of Sale efficiency.

By linking Loyalty and payments and eliminating cash from the equation, LoyLap Upfront dramatically reduces the time each customer spends at the point of sale. The queue moves faster, and you can benefit from more transactions in the same amount of time.

Secure transactions with top-tier technology.

All LoyLap Upfront transactions are processed using your existing Merchant Services providor, and all the money is transferred directly to your bank account. Card details are encrypted with SSL, ensuring peace of mind for both yourself and your customers.

Always know how much your loyalty program is worth.

Your Upfront Analytics dashboard will track all system metrics in real time, including:

  • Total value of Upfront top-ups for your accounting reports
  • Total current liability on all Upfront top-ups
  • Daily customer spending

...and many more.


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