Gathering Customer Information

Getting your customers to sign up and share information can be tricky. The foundation to implementing a successful loyalty programme is to capture relevant customer information and use it to your advantage. A registration or sign up form is the first touch point with your customer to reinforce a Loyalty Loop. Stronger the Loyalty Loop, greater is the potential bond with your customer.


Customer Information

Getting Customer Information

Most Businesses make the logical assumption that capturing more fields of data can be beneficial. You’re not wrong if you’ve thought about it too. Even though this sounds great in theory, let’s find out what happens in practice.

Imagine you just got your customer to sign up to your loyalty programme. If your Loyalty programme sign up form contains too many fields, it could immediately put the customer off. The problem with this approach is that customers tend to skim through or just incorrectly fill out these long forms just to get it over with.

“Using lengthy sign up forms weakens the first step of the Loyalty Loop, inconveniences the customer and the customer information might be inaccurate”

The key to getting valuable customer information is maintaining Focus and Simplicity. By focus we mean, knowing what customer information you want to capture and simplicity implies keeping the registration process sweet and simple.

The ability to customize customer loyalty information you would like to capture is invaluable in the customer registration journey. For example, Esquires Coffee’s sign up page consists of 5 simple questions that is relevant to Loyalty Programme.

Using visual cues and attractive design elements can go a long way to ensure the customer stays on your page a little bit longer. The form below shows a simple registration form that can be easily embedded into your Business’s page. (Feel free to use the form to reach out to us, we will get back to you as soon as possible)


Summarizing the points from this guide:

  1. Customer Loyalty sign up form should maintain Focus and Simplicity
  2. 5 Questions are considered most effective
  3. A huge form will inconvenience your customers
  4. Use attractive visual cues and design elements to maintain customer’s interest


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