The LoyLap Story

Our mission is to help our merchants thrive and grow with smart payments that offer enhanced automated customer experiences that increase our merchants bottom line whilst costing less time.

Company Formation

Founders Conor O’Toole and Patrick Garry observed how larger physical presence retailers were starting on a path to use technology to digitally transform their businesses. The two founders having studied together recognised that the vast majority of peoples discretionary spends were with micro and small businesses, and how these businesses did not have the budget to hire technologists or consultants internally to compete with their larger rivals. This was the germ of the idea for LoyLap as a technology platform that made technology previously reserved for retail giants, available to all retailers of all sizes.

Mobile App Loyalty

LoyLap released its first offering: a mobile app for merchants that enabled them to scan a customer QR code on the customers’ LoyLap Member app and reward them with a digital stamp or digital points for each purchase. The app was well received by the merchants using it, and although it was cumbersome and costly to have a second piece of hardware in conjunction with the POS, Merchants saw the value it brought to their customers and their business, and noticed how customers much preferred to engage with a mobile based loyalty system rather than get yet another physical loyalty card. This gave LoyLap the impetus to continue.

POS Integration

Recognising that the businesses’ biggest barrier to scale was the fact that a separate piece of hardware was required in conjunction with the POS to run LoyLap, the team started to look for POS partners that shared their vision. An open integrated POS system that enabled third parties to develop apps on to enhance the experience for their mutual customer while enabling different businesses to stick their core competencies. In 2014 LoyLap found this POS system in Clover, an emerging POS system founded a few years earlier in California. LoyLap integrated with Clover and now no longer was hardware required to run LoyLap, but it could be downloaded as an app on thousands of POS systems in 4 countries.

Functionality Expansion

The founders noticed shortly after the integration with it’s first POS system, that Merchants were looking for more than just a loyalty system, but they also didn’t want to have to have relationships with several companies in order facilitate all of their customer interactions. Merchants essentially wanted to be able to see and engage with all of their customers in one platform. With this in mind, LoyLap developed out a physical and digital Gift Card product that worked perfectly in conjunction with its Loyalty system, thus enabling customers to get more utility from the system.

Cashless Systems & Facilipay

Having created a powerful mobile wallet, which had advanced loyalty functionality and the ability to link contactless cards, it was observed that LoyLap technology had all the hallmarks to enter the cashless facilities payments market to enable employees to load funds to the digital wallet, and then to spend said funds in their employment facility via their staff card. Seeing this as a business in an of itself, the decision was made to split this market away from LoyLap so it could stick to its core mission in digitalizing physical presence SMEs, and thus was born as LoyLap’s sister company to power customisation payments in some of the worlds most advanced and secure facilities.

Self Service Kiosk

Expanding on the Facilipay side of the business, customers wanted a way that their staff members could make purchases after hours once catering staff had gone home, and there was also a want for a self-service kiosk for customers to be able to enter their own meals and check out without any need for an employee at the Kiosk. With this in mind, LoyLap developed a multi-purpose self-checkout product that enabled just that for catering and general retail customers. As is tradition with LoyLap, this kiosk software was also integrated with LoyLap’s loyalty and Gift Card Software, enabling customers to utilise all LoyLap technology without the need for a staff member present.

Online Ordering

After Self Service Kiosks, attention moved to LoyLap’s biggest consumer demand at the time; Online Ordering. Merchants were used to online ordering from the major players, but were finding their fees unfair and some of their business practices questionable and unethical; such as one player deciding to keep their riders tips as their own revenues. Merchants were also tired of being given yet another kitchen printer or tablet with which to receive the order, and were tired of the major players taking their loyalty customers and charging up to 30% for an order they were going to make anyway. LoyLap solved this with its own ordering platform that is build with Merchants first. Fully integrated to the POS to avoid end of day reconciliation, and with fees starting at between 2% and 3%, LoyLap offers yet another product fully integrated with the rest of its technology stack that drove incredible value to Merchants instantly.

LoyLap Campaigns

With now 7 years of experience in the Loyalty, Payments and Customer Engagement Space, LoyLap knew a thing or two about what the Market wanted from a loyalty system, and the answer was there was no size fits all solution. Small businesses are incredibly dynamic, agile and unique and consequently what worked for one Merchant was unlikely to work perfectly for another. With in this mind, LoyLap set up to enhance its loyalty offering 10x with its new hyper dynamic Campaigns functionality to let Merchants set loyalty in such a way that works for their business.

Loyalty isn’t about just giving X back to the customer after they do Y, it’s about building a relationship and making the customer feel valued at all times. Campaigns achieves this by letting businesses write the rules of their loyalty system with incredible flexibility and precision.

LoyLap 2.0 & POS Expansion

With the outbreak of COVID-19, there was never a more appropriate time for LoyLap’s technology. Our online ordering helped our Merchants keep the doors open for collections when customers were not allowed inside, and out platform was built to help people buy vouchers to support their favorite business so they would still be there when the virus subsided. LoyLap took its opportunity when the team were working remotely to rebuild the customer experience to make LoyLap easier to get started with as we could no longer visit clients in person, as well as conducing a massive API enhancement to enable rapid and easy integration with hundreds of POS systems to enable more businesses to get on the LoyLap platform to modernise and enhance how they engage with their customers.

Our Vision for the Future of Payments

We aim to continue to build the worlds most connected and configurable payments system that lets each of our merchants take payments and engage with their customers in exactly the manner that is required for their specific operation. We are building a future where payments are effortless for customers to make both in store and online, and seamless for our merchants to receive payments and automate promotional actives that move their business forward.

Know Your Customer

Your Customers come to you for your product, service and brand, not for your LoyLap payments system. However, when your customers start to see how paying with LoyLap is a more rewarding experience for them, the LoyLap system gets progressively more beneficial for you as the number of transactions and customers in your LoyLap CRM grows. Finally, your business will start to see exactly how much of its revenue comes from what percentage of customers, and with LoyLap you can automate engagements with your customers to build a better relationship with them and keep them coming back to your business.