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Gift Cards

Offer convenience to your current customers, and welcome new customers to your business

gift card
gift card system

All you need for a successful gift card system.

You can choose between cards designed specifically for your business, or pre-designed cards to suit any business type

Loading Gift Cards with any denomination is incredibly straightforward

On select POS systems your customers are also able to purchase ‘digital gift cards’ should they choose

View advanced analytics and reports in real time on any device

Digital Gift Cards

Increase your Gift Card sales by offering Digital Gift Cards to your customers. 

With LoyLap your customers can send a digital card directly to their intended recipient simply by entering their email. No paper, no cards, just bits and bytes.  

Contact us today to learn about what Digital Gift Cards can do for your business.

Our customers receive an average of €25,000 annually in Gift Card Sales.

80% of which is redeemed in the same year

Some of our Happy Customers

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How do I order my Gift Cards?

Upload your images and our designers will personally create your gift card design. 
You will receive an email with your custom design. Choose to approve the design or request for amendments
Place Order
You can now place an order by specifying the total quantity of gift cards you would like along with the shipping method. 


Can’t wait for your cards to be customer designed and manufactured? Order some pre-designed cards today from our shop.

Your favorite features in one bundle

Easy to use

Our interface is intuitive and easy to use, right from the start!

Fast Set Up

Setting up our Gift Card app is as simple as plug and play.

Digital Cards

Don't have physical gift cards? No problem. Send digital gift cards to your customers 

Safe and Automated

Eliminates the need of manually recording cash values and coupons


Enable expiry dates & remotely manage customer accounts

LoyLap on Smartphone

Your Gift Card on your Customers' Smartphone

Link a Gift Card

You customers can link their Gift Card with the LoyLap Digital Wallet app (available for iPhone and Android), and use their smartphone and Gift Card interchangeably for transactions.

Top up

Customers can top up their account for your Business directly in-app. The money gets transferred immediately through your merchant services account and you get paid before any product goes out of your door.

Do More with your Gift Cards

Our Customer Insights tool will show you how successful your Gift Cards are, in real time

  • Live update of all transactions
  • Download customizable reports
  • Metrics such as number of cards in circulation, outstanding liability, popularity etc

Set up LoyLap Gift Cards

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