• Question 1: I’ve downloaded Loyalty for Terminal Plans to my Clover mini, what do I do next?

    1: Thanks for downloading. The next step is to test out how the system works. We send out demo cards to all businesses that download the app on the same day you download. This demo card can be treated like a real loyalty card and used with your clover station to add and redeem loyalty according to the type of system to set up. Included with this demo card are instructions on how to set up and run your new loyalty system.

  • Question 2: I’m ready to go ahead with the service. What’s next?

    2: The first time you open the app on your Clover mini you will be asked to set up your loyalty system. You can choose broadly between a cash back system or a stamp system. The choice is completely yours but feel free to reach out to our support team who can give you more information and help you set up the ideal system for your particular business.

    If you would like to give your customers plastic loyalty cards please visit www.loylap.com/gift_cards/order to upload your card design & select the quantity you require. If you don’t have a design ready, you can simply upload a business logo and some images and our designers will put something together for you - free of charge.

    Alternatively your loyalty system will be compatible with our app - LoyLap - which your customers can download to their Smartphones from Google Play or the App Market. The app designs itself around your brand and lets your customers keep an eye on their balance all the time.

  • Question 3: How much are the plastic loyalty cards?

    3: We have preferred rates with plastic card manufactures that enable us to offer cards to our customers at very competitive rates for small orders. To view all card prices, please visit www.loylap.com/card-prices.

  • Question 4: Can I use the app for anything other than loyalty?

    4: Yes, you can. Our system is incredibly flexible and the way some customers use the system sometimes surprises even us! These cards can be used for several purposes, for example, a stored value card for businesses that wish for customers to top up their cards for incidences where they may not carry cash; gyms are a great use-case for this one. For more examples, please visit www.loylap.com/business-uses.

  • Question 5: Is there a minimum duration contract?

    5: No, there is no minimum duration. Should you wish, you are free to uninstall the app at any time, thereby ending all future payments.

  • Question 6: I'm having a problem with my Loyalty app; can you help?

    Of course. If you experience a problem, it is best to try the steps below. If these steps fail to resolve your problem, please email or call us.

    Step 1: Refresh the app - Open the Loyalty for Terminal Plans app. On the bottom right of the screen you will see a button to restart the app (it looks like two arrows in a circle). Pressing this button will refresh the app and it will start fresh. If this doesn't resolve your problem, try step 2.

    Step 2: Uninstall and reinstall the application - Open the 'App Market' from your Clover Device or Web Dashboard, please uninstall and reinstall the 'Loyalty' application.

    Step 3: Plug out your device, and plug it back in - This will reboot your system and hopefully sort out the issue. If you are still experiencing a problem after the reboot; please get in touch with us.

  • Question 7: I have several branches to my business; does the system work across the branches?

    6: Yes, it does. If all of the branches are registered to the same owner email, then the cards will work perfectly across all locations. Customers can earn and redeem loyalty points/ stamps at any branch. All information is tracked and is visible through the online LoyLap dashboard, so you can see precisely what is happening in real time. Go to www.loylap.com/login to access your online account.

    If you have issues connecting two branches please get in touch.

  • Question 8: I already have a Loyalty system I was using before, can the QR/Barcodes on them work with your Gift Card app?

    Unfortunately not. Our application is designed for use with codes generated by LoyLap. Codes which are not ours, are incompatible with our systems.

    However, if you have a pre-existing database with loyalty information, please reach out to our support team who may be able to assist with migrating over your customers.

  • Question 9: What are Loyalty Tiers

    Our loyalty system allows you to reward different customers differently, you can choose what behaviour you'd like to encourage with your loyalty system e.g. higher spend, or more frequent visits and our algorithm will determine the best rewards to give to different people. Or you can set it up manually. Simply log in to the business dashboard or reach out to our support team to get started.

    We generally recommend introducing tiers after a couple of months of operation, once you have a solid loyal customer base.

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