Reward you customers with a digital stamp

Perfect for businesses with high volume sales on similarly priced products.


Why go Digital?

Paper and plastic are limited

Stamp loyalty cards are useful because they are easy to use and they are effective at bringing customers back.

However... they have some serious limitations:

  • You can't measure your loyalty programme's success
  • You can't contact loyal customers
  • Cards can only be used once - meaning significant repeat printing costs
  • Cards are easily lost resulting in lost business
  • They aren't flexible to changing business needs and objectives

LoyLap Changes all of this.


By offering your customers their stamp rewards digitally through LoyLap, you get all the added benefit of a LoyLap Business Dashboard.

Use your business dashboard to:

  • Track system usage
  • View changes in customer visits
  • Send messages to your customers in app
  • Implement a tiered rewards system

...and much more!

Proven Effective

Measurably increase customer loyalty and retention

Customers that feel valued are happy, and happy customers tend to spend more, more often.


LoyLap's stamp loyalty system helps our business clients generate an average increase of 22% in customer visits.


Reward all of your customers conveniently on their Smartphone for less than the price of a coffee per day.

How It Works

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