In Store Promotions

It is important to subtly introduce the idea of a Loyalty service before actually asking your customer to join. This is where in-store promotions really shine. These promotions help your customer to decide if they would consider joining your Loyalty service. Having the right instore promotions at the right places go a long way in getting your loyalty service off to a great start!


Offer a sign-up bonus to the loyalty system:

One of the biggest hurdles with loyalty systems is the first time sign up. Some customers might think that the sign up process might not be worth their time. So it might be necessary to acknowledge this and reward your customer for signing up. Incentives such as “Your Free first coffee” or “50% off on your first purchase” on signing up for your Loyalty Service are examples of how to compensate your customers for their time spent to join the loyalty system.  This promotional message has a better impact when it is displayed outside your store.


Offer double loyalty for the first month:

This approach is similar to the previous one, but the main theme here is to encourage increased purchases in the first month. This will get your customers accustomed to your Loyalty System and also set a new purchasing pattern. Please note that it must be made explicitly clear to your customers that this offer is only for the first month. This is necessary to avoid disappointment when the loyalty reward returns to the normal level. This promotional message has a better impact when it is displayed at the customers’ eye level when they are inside your store.


Offer Tiered Loyalty to Reward Your Loyal Customers:

This is where a strong Loyalty system truly shines. Once your customers have gotten accustomed to your Loyalty system, there needs to be an added incentive to continue. From our experience, customers love the concept of a gamified shopping experience that moves them up the ladder (From silver membership to gold and then to platinum). The ability to provide this experience to your customers will help in keeping them engaged for a while. And in the mean time, as a Business, you should continue to innovate your products to keep your customers interested.


Now that you know the impact of  different instore promotions, let’s step outside and explore how social media can work for you.


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