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All-in-One Solution for your ISO

Consumers are demanding more than ever from SMEs due to their expectations being set at the highest bar by global brands. Merchants are keen to meet these increased consumer demands, however they struggle to effectively do so and often end up with a mix of different solution providers that are not integrated and create even more hassle for the Merchant and their consumer alike.

LoyLap has a suite of interoperable transaction tools that work perfectly on most market leading POS and Payment Terminals so that Merchants can meet all their transaction needs from one service provider.

Branded Digital Wallets - Gift Cards - Loyalty - Online Ordering - Self Service Kiosk - Marketing

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We help your Merchants and your ISO

By solving your Merchants' problems and providing them with a smarter payment
platform that enables them to run their business as efficiently and effectively, we
also create tremendous opportunities for your ISO to grow and thrive.

Our ISO partners experience

Incredibly Low churn

Annual Churn Rate of Merchants using LoyLap 6%

High upsell

Increase LTV per Merchant by offering them more than just payments

Compete on product rather than price

Stop nickel and diming with competitors and compete on value added to Merchants.

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Partnership commercials

We have a proven and very fair partnership revenue share model with our ISOs where we pay you a portion of the revenue from the estate of Merchants we have with your ISO congruent on the partnership tier you are on with LoyLap.

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99.999% uptime

Our service never goes down, and we’ll never let your Merchants down. Our founders started LoyLap with the intention of providing best in class service and technology to real world Merchants to help them compete in an evolving digital age; and that is exactly what we do and intend on continuing to do.

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