Connect your Business to the customer behind the transaction

Say ‘Thank you’ to your customers with LoyLap

Your best customers by ensuring they feel valued as customers.
New Customers to your business with a convenient & rewarding loyalty system.
Customers with targeted offered and promotions using LoyLap Campaigns.

The Complete Loyalty System

Stamp Loyalty – A digital version of the classic loyalty system designed for low priced items with high frequency purchases

Credit Back Loyalty – Offer a percentage back to customers on each purchase that they make. 

Discount Loyalty - Offer an immediate discount with the option to offer higher and lower discounts to different customers.

Surprise & Delight

Our Campaigns tool integrates with your loyalty system to deliver campaigns to drive your Business. Stop guessing and start utilizing actual transactional data to send personalized offers based on

Spend - Based on revenue contribution to your Business
Visit - Differentiate between regulars and sporadic customers
Demographics - Targeted promotions based on age and gender


customer insights

Multi option Loyalty Delivery

Card Fobs

Custom branded cards/fobs for your business brand that customers can then register at the POS or online.

Search By Name

Set up customer accounts, and search them by name on each purchase.

LoyLap App

Your businesses gets a presence on the LoyLap application that molds to your business' brand

Custom Mobile App

We also build custom apps that is customized to suit your Business needs.

All in one: Payments and Loyalty all integrated in one solution
Top up: Get paid in advance and give a bonus to your customers for doing so
In app ordering: Orders from app sent directly to your POS
Promotions: Targeted customers sent to your customer's phone

Grow Your Business With LoyLap

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