Reward your customers & keep them coming back

Say ‘Thank you’ to your customers with LoyLap

New Customers to your business with a convenient & rewarding loyalty system.
Your best customers by ensuring they feel valued as customers.
Your customers purchasing behaviour with LoyLap Insights.
Customers with targeted offered and promotions using LoyLap Campaigns.

Choose the loyalty system that’s the right for your Business & Customers

Stamp Loyalty – A digital version of the classic loyalty system designed for low priced items with high frequency purchases.

Credit Back Loyalty – Offer a percentage back to customers on each purchase that they make. Change the percentage based on product basis to ensure the reward matches the margin.

Discount Loyalty - Offer an immediate discount to your loyalty customers, with the option to offer higher and lower discounts to different customers.

Multi option Loyalty Delivery

Key Fobs or Card
LoyLap can arrange for custom branded cards/fobs to be made for your business brand. Customers can then register their cards at the POS or online.
White Label App
Release your very own custom branded branded app on the app stores, with functionalities as per your requirement such as pre-loading accounts, ordering etc, all geared towards increasing your revenues.
LoyLap App
Get started with LoyLap and your businesses gets a presence on the LoyLap application, with the app moulding to your businesses brand once your customers receive their first loyalty rewards.
Search By Name
Don’t want your customers to have to do a thing? You can set up and account for them, and search them by name on each purchase.

Features to delight your customers



Loyalty seamlessly integrates with your inventory to autocalculate loyalty. You no longer have to worry about adding loyalty points manually!

Digital Wallet

Get your own digital wallet on your customers smartphone and reward them for topping up to your Business.


Send promotional messages to select customers using our Business Dashboard.


Assign reward settings based on category. For example, set 10% credit back on Coffee's and 15% credit back on Muffins.


Set Loyalty Tiers for your customers and encourage them to move up.


Your customers will be able to view their transaction history and receipts. Save additional hassle of printing receipts for your customers.

Experience a feature rich Loyalty Solution

Top up

Integrate your Loyalty system with LoyLap's Digital Wallet. This is the easiest and the most convenient way for your customers to earn loyalty on transactions. Rewards your customers for topping up credit towards your Business.


LoyLap gives you the ability to expand your Loyalty Program your way! Get in touch with us to know how to enable promotions, link your Gift Card, Order and Pay etc with your Loyalty system. 


No more hassle of printing receipts for your customers. Now they will be able to view their transaction history and receipts.  Also, display rewards and motivate your customers to spend more in your Business.

customer insights

Make Informed Business Decisions

  • Turn insights to actions using our powerful analytics
  • Our analytics are available on all pricing plans
  • Manage your Business centrally using a single, easy to use Dashboard.
  • Set up features and monitor data in real time. 

Loyalty-centric marketing with LoyLap Campaigns

Enhance your Loyalty program by reaching out and engaging with your customers. Use LoyLap Campaigns to easily send targeted offers and smart promotions to your customers in-app, via email or online. 

Target your customers based on:


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