One-Touch Loyalty

LoyLap’s loyalty integration with the Clover POS is our most comprehensive loyalty offering.

Our touch points at the POS are designed to be as minimal as possible, making it incredibly easy to use for your staff, and offering a simple but efficient experience for your customers.

As the videos show, our system gives you maximum results with minimum fuss.

Data-Driven Loyalty

Loyalty transactions on the Clover POS capture all the data your business needs to know in order to grow.

We couple product information with the customers who are buying, so you can tell at a glance what matters to your customers. This way, you can market new product lines to customers based on their previous buying behavior.

Product-Driven Loyalty

Given LoyLap’s comprehensive integration with the Clover POS, you can offer different loyalty rewards to different customers, but also different loyalty rewards depending on the products that your customers are buying.

You can match individual products or product categories to different loyalty percentages to drive purchases of your higher margin products, or offer no loyalty rewards on certain products which may have low margins. 

Redeeming loyalty is just as easy as paying.

Features Galore

Once you’re up and running, you can augment your loyalty system with different features.

You can choose to upgrade with additional features at any time, and we’ll be on hand to support. For best results, we recommend a staggered release of new features to give your customers time to adjust and learn how to use each one.

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