Mobile payments; Customer loyalty is key

Exciting changes are happening in the world of mobile and retail. Mobile payments allow customers to pay using their smartphones resulting in quick, convenient transactions, less queuing times and intuitive ordering systems. The shift to mobile payments is a relatively new concept, but one company was well ahead of the pack.

Starbucks first launched their mobile card app in 16 stores in the US in early 2009. It proved so successful that the app was quickly expanded nationwide. Mobile payments now boast a massive 16% of the company’s total transactions, with 13 million customers using the app.

The success of Starbucks mobile payments is intrinsically linked to its successful loyalty system. Starbucks have one of the most successful loyalty systems in the world, after spending decades perfecting the system. The app incentivises regular purchases through its loyalty rewards. Linking mobile payments to their existing loyalty system secured the app’s impressive performance.

What about small and medium businesses (SMBs) that can’t compete with huge corporation’s technology and loyalty systems? That’s where LoyLap comes in. LoyLap provides SMBs with customizable digital loyalty systems- stamp loyalty, cash back etc. This gives SMBs the opportunity to avail of the technology used by large corporation. LoyLap Upfront allows customers to pay by mobile in store, and to top up their balance with a specific business upfront.

LoyLap are passionate about creating digital loyalty systems for SMBs- but not only that. We create loyalty systems that work, and continue to work by allowing businesses to monitor customer spending and buying behaviour. Reward and retain your customers with customisable loyalty systems.