Mobile websites and mobile apps; What’s the difference anyway?

‘Mobilegeddon’ is upon us. But what does it all really mean for business owners? Why should your business have a mobile friendly website? And does your business also need a mobile app? This article will hopefully answer those questions for you.

A mobile website is almost the same as your desktop website but optimised for viewing on a smaller screen. It needs to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for your customers to navigate it on their smartphones. An app is designed to carry out a specific function or task, and does not eliminate the need for a mobile-friendly website.

Mobile apps are expensive to create and have to be downloaded by your customers, which uses both their time and phone memory. If a customer doesn’t deem your app useful, they are likely to delete it from their phone within 30 days of installing it. Mobile-friendly websites are always accessible to your customers online on their smartphones.

With Google having updated its algorithms for ‘mobilegeddon’ on April 21st to favour websites that look and perform better on mobile devices, it is clear that mobile-friendly websites are essential for your business to reach your customers effectively. Apps are not as essential, but can benefit your business, such as loyalty applications.

LoyLap offers businesses a digital loyalty system. You can chose what loyalty system works for your business, like stamp loyalty or cash back rewards, and use our app to replace traditional paper stamp cards. You can reward your customers directly to their smartphones and communicate with them in application, such as encouraging them to return to your business with an incentive; for example, a free coffee in your café. LoyLap also allows your customers to top up their balance with your business and pay using their mobile with LoyLap Upfront. If you feel you don’t need a custom app for your business, consider LoyLap as a way to reach your customers on their smartphones.