Accessing your LoyLap account

Welcome to LoyLap, the digital wallet for your new cashless system. Your digital wallet enables you to top up your account, view transaction history, and more. To get started, please access your account either online, at, or by downloading the LoyLap app from your smartphone.

Please see the below video for an introduction to your LoyLap account.


  • How can I load my balance?

    You can load your balance online once you log in, or by downloading the LoyLap application on your phone and logging in. The instructional video above also shows step by step instructions on how to top up.

  • How do I set my account to top up automatically?

    Once you’re logged into your account, select Top-Up. Underneath the top-up option, enable the Auto Top-Up option, and select the amount to be automatically loaded to your account after your balance goes below €5.

  • Can I spend my balance with any business that uses LoyLap?

    LoyLap balances are business-specific, which means that you can only spend the amount you top up with in the business that you loaded it for. If a business has several branches, you can use that balance in any of its branches.

  • There’s a problem with my app, can you help?

    If you have a problem with the app, the simplest fix is to force close (kill) the app, and then open it again. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app and the reinstalling it; if that doesn’t work either, then it’s time to get in touch with us. Send us an email at, and don't forget to tell us what phone and operating system you’re using, and a brief description of the problem you're having. Including a screenshot or a video might help, so please send one if you can.

  • Can I link a work or personal credit card to my LoyLap account?

    Not quite yet, but we will be implementing this functionality soon.

  • I forgot my password. Help?

    No problem. Simply click the link below and enter the email address registered to your LoyLap account, and we'll send a password reset email to that address:

    Forgot Password.

  • My balance doesn’t seem to refresh after each transaction.

    Sometimes, if your balance doesn't refresh, it may be because you didn't grant LoyLap the ability to send you push notifications. If you enable push notifications for LoyLap on your phone, this should solve the problem.

  • I'll no longer be using LoyLap with a particular business, can I get my remaining balance returned?

    You'll need to contact the business directly to see if they have the policy of returning unused credit if you'll no longer be using LoyLap. In the event that they do, they can remove the balance from your card remotely, and then return it to your debit card.

  • I was directed to create a LoyLap password for a cashless system, however when I log in I don't see the business.

    If you were directed to create a password, the most important thing to note is that the password is linked to the email to which the password link was sent. Please make sure you logged into the system with that specific email address and the password you created. If you're still having trouble, please contact us at,and we'll be happy to help.

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