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We work with partners from around the world to help them provide transaction technology which helps improve the operations and profits of the Merchants they represent.

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Why do partners choose to work with LoyLap

We know business is complicated, and business owners want things to run better without costing them more time. At LoyLap we have built a transaction infrastructure which enables Merchants to transact with their customers easily across their varied channels, with all LoyLap products being interoperable so that Merchants can do more with just one provider.

Our partners hold valuable relationships with the clients, and our Products help to enhance that relationship by enabling them to offer more to their time-poor clients to solve issues and help create more seamless payment operations.

Hear from our existing Partner organisation, Sonapay, about how their partnership with LoyLap has enhanced their core value proposition.

Some of the organisations types we help


Our products integrate seamlessly into numerous POS and Payment Terminal devices, offering ISOs a means to offer their Merchants far more than just payments from their devices. Learn more about how LoyLap can help make your payment solution stand out from the crowd.



Our digital transactions help to organise vast amounts of transactional data into beautifully organised structures where any information can be found in a few clicks. Let us help you help your Merchants save time and increase revenues with smarter transactions.

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Digital Agency

Explore how LoyLap’s digital solutions like Gift Cards, Online Ordering, and Experiences, along with marketing tools such as Targeted Campaigns and Customer Insights, can boost revenue and engagement for your clients’ businesses.


Our mission

Our mission is to make complex transactions simple, seamless & integrated for merchants & their customers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help that mission become a reality for your organisation and its clients.

If your organisation is interested in learning how the LoyLap suite of Products could work for you and your clients, please contact us and we’d be delighted to talk to you about how we can help you do more for your clients.

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