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Experience-Driven Commerce to Empower Your Business

We’re all about helping you grow your business, and we both know more happy customers are the way to do that! Providing superior customer experiences will drive loyalty and power sales for your pub or bar. 

LoyLap’s integrated commerce tools work directly with your point of sale system to bring together online ordering, loyalty, gift cards and more into one powerful package to help you improve your staff productivity while delivering seamless experiences for your customers.

The Tools To Boost Sales with
Superior Customer Experiences

Table service

Reduce congestion and queue times, increase revenue and improve staff productivity with order to table. Take orders and payment online via mobile app with customers never having to leave their seat. Directly integrated with your point of sale for maximum convenience.
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Gift cards

Expand your revenue opportunity with custom branded physical and digital gift cards that can be sold and redeemed, both in-store and online. A customer purchasing with a gift card typically spends more than the value of the card.
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Branded mobile app

Secure your bar’s brand in your customers’ minds and pockets with your own custom mobile app for redeeming loyalty rewards, ordering and paying.
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Analytics Dashboard

Dashboard & insights

Make better and more strategic business decisions with customers, sales and campaign tracking and measurement accessible anywhere in your cloud-based dashboard.
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