Bannatyne Health Club

Integrating Wristbands to facilitate Cashless Payments

The Bannatyne Health Clubs chain began in 1997, founded by writer, businessman and celebrity Duncan Bannatyne. As of November 2017, Bannatyne's has over 70 locations across the UK. With the Internet of Things (IoT) coming into the Consumer market and focusing on Healthcare, Bannatyne’s has focused on introducing facilities in its sites that demonstrate both that it is a premium brand and that it is a leader in technology.

Challenges and opportunities

Bannatyne’s found that due to the nature of a Gym/ Spa, customers would not generally be carrying a wallet or purse around their facilities, meaning that revenue for the shops within the sites were modest. There was also the question of how to make the most of new exercise tracking gym equipment for the customer experience.


With our Gift Card system already widely implemented across the estate and LoyLap already being compatible with RFID and NFC technology, a waterproof wristband was developed. This would allow a profile to be created for the new gym equipment using NFC, turnstile systems could be introduced to the entrance using RFID technology and LoyLap’s Cashless solution could be implemented at both payment terminals and vending machines.


Band order volumes were confirmed and trial locations were confirmed with Bannatyne IT management, after the trials where successfully completed a staged rollout took place, with Bannatyne’s IT team installing any additional hardware required and taking the branch senior staff through the system in detail.


With faster transaction times and a more convenient solution for customers to pay, revenue from in branch purchases has raised significantly. Early trials identified that 70% of support requests had solutions within the service, training was developed and implemented that reduced these requests across future launches.


  • 3000 Employees
  • Over 100,000 Members using the system
  • 75 Locations

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