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Providing a Cashless Facilities Management service


The central bank of Ireland is responsible for both central banking and financial regulation in the Republic of Ireland. It has a mandate to reduce risks and enhance the resilience of the financial system of Ireland and the Euro zone. Additionally, it is also responsible for protecting the interests of consumers of financial services in Ireland, and moved its head office with 2200 personnel to a new campus on North Wall Quay in Spring 2017. In keeping with its vision for a modern, state-of-the-art workspace, it decided to implement an entirely cashless ecosystem across the entire campus.

Challenges and opportunities

The Central banks position underpinning the country’s financial system demanded that the implementation and roll-out of a new cashless ecosystem would have to be flawless, whilst also ensuring that the workforce would be happy to adopt a pre-paid system.

The requirement was to provide a system that would integrate an online payment loading facility integrated into all POS within the campus, with a full analytics portal and comprehensive admin function while reducing the risks associated with accepting cash payments.  As a result, it was envisaged that step-changes in the speed and throughput for food & beverage outlets would deliver considerable benefits across the organisation.


In conjunction with our preferred partner, Allied Irish bank we proposed a single solution covering all requirements – cashless top-up, pre-ordering and reporting including personal configuration, real-time balance transparency along with other traditional cashless options. With no need for third-party software integrations, our system provides a level of security that is unsurpassed. Finally, in keeping with the Central Bank’s imperative of operational efficiency we undertook to deliver the required system ahead of the 4-week deadline, while


Working in close partnership with the Central Bank and Allied Irish Bank, we committed to providing extensive on-the-ground support during the two-day supported roll-out, and exited the roll-out phase X days ahead of schedule. Additionally, we integrated our proprietary loyalty system that enabled the Central Bank to optimize footfall across the various outlets, exceeding the banks expectations.



Currently, the System handles 40% more transactions than was forecasted, with a total of 2 hours downtime in 6 months. Faster throughput has enabled the removal of 20% of tills, and we will soon be adding additional functionality with the addition of our “order & pay” solution to  enhance the system with an advance ordering facility during peak times.


2200 personnel

40% higher revenue across the system than original estimates.

Transactions per day

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