Waters Technology

Cashless technology for Facilities Management

Waters is one of the largest companies that provide analytical instruments that aim to assist scientists in reaching their goals and increasing productivity. Over the past 50 years, Waters have not only delivered excellence in technology, but also have become well known for customer success and post-sales support.

With an expanding Manufacturing Centre of Excellence, Waters deemed it vital to implement a Cashless system within their facility to keep up with their ambitious goals of expansion

Challenges & Opportunities

With growing employee strength, Waters found transaction management to be a big hurdle. Slow transaction speed, long queues, losses due to cash handling were some of the problems Waters were facing. Since Waters have high tech manufacturing equipments, employees were not allowed to carry wallets or phones with them due to strict protection policies. Thus there was a need for an easy to use and secure payment method that could be easily integrated with Waters’ existing Clover POS.

Approach and Implementation

With proven expertise in implementing cashless solution for facilities, LoyLap in partnership with AIBMS and Clover, were able to provide a Cashless system that would utilise employees RFID Access Cards as a payment device to make purchases in the Cafeteria.  Additionally, employees were given the option to make payments using Debit cards

Waters’ employees could use LoyLap’s portal to link their Access Cards to their Accounts and top up their balances to pay for meals in the Cafeteria. This meant Waters employees no longer had to go back to their locker to fetch their wallets to pay for a meal.

Contactless readers where fitted on the Clover Point of Sale to help facilitate cashless payments. This help improved transaction speed and reduced the risks associated with cash handling.


The first month of roll out saw a total uptake of 75% of the total employees. This figure rose to 95% after 3 months of roll out.

Key Metrics

After three months of operation Waters reported 20,851 transactions made by 390 Employees using LoyLap cashless

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