Scan and Go

Customers are short on time, help them get some back

Scan & Go gives your business a fully fledged
self-check-out software.

Whether its for queue busting at busy periods of the day, or to offer a more seamless checkout experience to your customers, Scan & Go can help you achieve your business goals.

Self Service Checkout Solution for your Business

Empower your customers with the ability to complete transactions by themselves. This system works instantly and integrated directly with your inventory so as to ensure perfect reporting of sales throughout the day. Contact us if you would like to understand how Scan & Go might be able to assist your business goals.

How does Scan and Go work?


Customer scans the product bar code using a omni directional Bar code scanner

Add to Basket

Using your Clover POS, the customer can add/edit/delete products from their Basket


Customer proceeds to pay via their card

Benefits of Scan and Go

Easy to Use

User interface is intuitive and easy to add/delete/edit orders

Plug and Play

Almost no set up time required. Simply plug into your POS device and get started.

Syncs to your Inventory

Scan and Go automatically syncs with your inventory and reads items.

Faster Transaction Speeds

With Scan and Go, you will benefit from having faster turn around for each customer.

Grow Your Business with LoyLap

Contact us to learn more about how Scan and Go can help reduce queues, process faster transactions and boost your Revenue.