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LoyLap Scan&Go


Our self service checkout solution helps Businesses of all sizes. Empower your customers with the ability to complete transactions by themselves. This system works instantly as our solution will plug directly into your Clover point of sale. Contact us if you would like to gain the benefit of having your own self service checkout solution.

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How does it work?



Customer scans the product bar code

Add to Basket

Using your Clover POS, the customer can add/edit/delete products from their Basket


Customer proceeds to pay via their card

See how Scan&Go can enhance your Business 




Improved speed of transaction completion

Empower Your Customers

Give your customers the ability to add, edit or remove items 

Improves Efficiency

Reduces length of checkout lines and wait times 

Plug and Play

Automatically reads items from your Clover inventory 


Ability to integrate with Gift Cards and Loyalty 

Centralized Reporting

Gain insights from reports of transactions

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