Automate your checkout, serve more customers and free up staff time

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You can’t be there all the time, but we can

Self-Checkout runs on your existing POS to save additional hardware costs and boost your business productivity. This is the perfect time-saving option for busy retailers looking to serve more customers. Your self-service kiosks can be installed anywhere and are easy to use, meaning anyone can check themselves out.

Choose the optimal interface for your needs

Whether you want customers to scan barcodes or select products on screen, we have the interface that is right for you.


Products and categories appear on the screen for customers to browse, select and pay. Easily schedule products to display and hide at certain times of the day.


Need a simple user interface where customers just select an amount and pay? Our Donations user interface is the ideal solution.


With a LoyLap scanner, customers can scan barcodes to add them to their basket quickly and easily.

Fully integrated LoyLap's suite of commerce tools

No matter how they transact with your business, whether in-store with a staff member, through self-checkout or online, customers want to be able to redeem their gift cards and earn the loyalty rewards that might apply to them. With LoyLap they can. LoyLap integrates your commerce tools to help ensure your customers have consistent experiences with your businesses no matter how they buy.

Gift cards
Expand your revenue opportunity with physical and digital gift cards that can be sold and redeemed, both in-store and online. 
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Increase order frequency and grow customer lifetime value by delighting your customers with a complete loyalty experience that works in-store and online.
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Promotional Campaigns
Drive sales with targeted customer campaigns. Create campaigns your customers will love and keep them coming back for more.
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Customised for your business

Reinforce your brand with a custom welcome screen on your Self-Checkout kiosk.

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