Training Your Staff

Your staff is your constant connection to your customers. So it is critical that they understand the value of a good loyalty system mentioned in the previous section: Demonstrating the Value of Your Loyalty System. Through this staff training guide, your staff will have a clear understanding of these values which should resonate through your staff when they are informing your customers about your Loyalty App.

Staff Training

Staff Training

With that in mind, let’s look at the important aspects of staff training that you should cover:


Let Your Staff Experiment with your Loyalty App

Having a hands-on and dive-in approach is the best way to learn any new technology. Encourage your staff to use your Loyalty App and make sure they experience each feature. Remember to answer every query regardless of how trivial it might sound. By doing this, your staff will eventually understand the intricacies of your point of sale terminal. Also, your staff should understand the customer app so that they are in a position to guide your customers in case of any confusion. Make sure you select a Loyalty Service Provider that has a publicly available help-centre with Frequently Answered Questions.


Pitching Your Loyalty System through your Staff

Your customers might require a small nudge towards your Loyalty Programme. In store Promotional banners that suggest the benefits of your loyalty programme will plant the initial consideration in your customers mind, while they wait in queue. Once this customer reaches the counter, your staff member should provide a direct call to action by asking the customer to join your Loyalty Programme. Also make sure your staff mentions the benefits of joining your Loyalty Programme (Mentioned in the Previous Guide)


Conduct Test Runs

Instruct the store manager (or if you are the owner) to Download the customer app. Also, have physical gift/loyalty cards. Now assume the role of a customer and test multiple scenarios to test the awareness of your staff. Be sure to test functionalities on your Point of Sale system such as Scan Customer Details, QR Code Validation, Add/Delete Item, Payment Methods, On-boarding New Customer, Add Stamps/Reward points, Redeem Stamps/reward points. Make sure your staff is able to perform these activities proficiently.


Communicate App Updates

You should regularly receive app updates from your Loyalty Service Provider. These updates might reveal new features or interface changes.  Make sure you pass this info onto your staff.


Now that you have understood the steps in staff training, lets understand in-store promotional ideas that nudge customers towards your Loyalty System.

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