Terms of Use


We have updated the terms of use for our merchants and members. The primary reason the Terms of Use were revised was to separate out the terms applicable to Merchants (who are our customers) and Members (who are the customers of our customers). Previously, they were both contained in the one document. The second reason was to account for new products and services we now provide to our customers, and to be clearer about the conditions of their use.

More specifically;
1.     User Content – In relation to potential for IP infringement by third parties
2.     Fees – to account for the widening of the services and applications we now
provide to Merchants
3.     Liability – clearer definitions surrounding liability.
4.     LoyLap hardware / equipment – Additional details are now included setting
out regarding ownership and use of LoyLap enabled hardware
5.     Dispute Resolution – A clearer clause surrounding procedures here has been
6.     Suspension and Termination – this has been amended to give LoyLap
broader discretion on when it can decide to terminate the Services.
We have also revised the general definitions of terms used to describe our
customers, products, technology, compatible devices, services.

If you have further queries please contact info@loylap.com