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The final piece of the puzzle is to reach out to new and existing customers using social media. It serves as a platform for encouraging new customers to try out your business while also engaging with your existing customers who follow you.

We discussed the different methods of on-boarding your customer’s using in-store promotions. The difference with social media, is that it should be considered as an online in-store promotion tool. Using social media, you can offer an avenue for your customers to experience their first moment of truth with your your Business ie, the first time a customer experiences your Business.


Remind your Customers to Download Your Loyalty App

Social media is a great tool to nudge your customers to download your Loyalty App. Posting images containing your product and with links to download a loyalty service, is a great first impression.

LoyLap Social Media Mentions

Mention your loyalty app in your posts

Feel free to mix things up a bit and post rewards on your page. This would incentivize new and existing followers on your Facebook page to come visit your store.


Engage with your Customers

The rule of thumb is to not do a sales pitch, but to genuinely help the people that mention you in conversations. Also, remember, the people in the conversations are real. Treat them with the same etiquette as you would in an actual conversation, for example, by replying with an “Excuse me” or “Sorry” or be replying courteously to event simple questions.

Customer Engagement

Engaging with your customers

Post Frequently But Do Not Spam

Identifying the sweetspot in terms of your posting frequency is crucial. Too less, and your social marketing might hit dead ends very soon, and too much will lead to your business being perceived as spam. According to one of Hubspot’s studies, Businesses with less than 10,000 followers benefit the most from posting approximately 5 times a month. Whereas if you have a sizeable Business following then posting twice a day with upto 60 posts a month will give you maximum impact on posts.



Boosting Your Posts vs Growing Organically

Choosing the right strategy for boosting vs organic can be tricky. If you are a business that can allocate time to content creation, then you will have more success in growing without boosting your posts. However, in the initial days, you might observe positive results by getting your posts boosted. It is now possible to make sure you reach your desired customers. By setting filters and boosting your posts, you will get more views on your posts. Also, this often leads to an increase in the number of followers. But don’t get too caught up in Boosting posts. Monitor the benefits of boosting your posts in increments and decide the best budget for you.


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