What’s better than loyal customers? Loyal promoters

The best loyalty system in the world won’t keep your customers coming back. Rewards and cash back on their own won’t either. Customer loyalty and great customer service work hand in hand helping you retain your customers and turn them into promoters for your business.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service can involve going above and beyond to wow your customers, but also the everyday, simple gestures shouldn’t be overlooked. Customers mostly remember the start and end of their interactions with your business, so by simply greeting them and wishing them farewell in a friendly manner can leave a lasting positive impression.

Loyal customers

Business owners put a huge amount of effort and expense into attracting new customers. It is just as important and arguably more profitable to ensure your current customers receive the best service possible, safeguarding them as lifelong customers. Focussing on a once off, big sell isn’t always the best idea if it means you leave loyal customers unattended to. Providing exceptional customer service turns ‘pretty good’ transactions into ‘I wouldn’t go anywhere
else’ relationships.


A great way to acquire new customers is through your existing customers. Loyal customers that receive excellent customer service become promoters for your company, sharing the experience with their friends, family and on social media. As word spreads about your quality products coupled with outstanding customer service, it boosts your business. No matter how innovative your marketing efforts, recommendations of your business from loyal customers are more valuable. Feedback from trusted long term customers is also precious for both your marketing and customer service approach. By keeping these points in mind your business can turn customers into promoters of your business.

LoyLap makes it easy for your business to give your loyal customers rewards that they actually want with our customisable loyalty systems. Delight your customers with great customer service and tailored rewards to suit them.