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Our mission is to enable Businesses to easily incorporate customer technology to enhance customer experience and increase revenue per customer.

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One platform to manage all Customers

The LoyLap platform enables Merchants to engage and reward customers with spectacular accuracy. Easily create a gift, loyalty or ordering system for your Business. Surprise and delight customers with special offers in app that can be redeemed seamlessly in store in one simple transaction.

Gift Cards

A recommendation from an existing customer is a wonderful compliment for your Business. Let your customers give the gift of your Business with customer branded cards and packaging that represent your Business.

Easy to use
Digital Gift Cards
Accurate and simple sales reporting


Say thank you to your customers with loyalty that's best for your business

Stamp: Digital version of the classic stamp system
Credit-back: Offer a percentage back to your customers
Discount: Offer an immediate discount to your customers
Product level: Different rewards for different products

Online Ordering

Having your customers all in one platform enables your loyal customers to pre-order directly from you, significantly improving the customer experience for time strapped customers on the go.

Website integration: Customers can order via Mobile app or your website
POS Integration: All orders created within POS for seamless reporting and operation
Rewards and Offers Send customers offers and promotions redeemed in app

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Loyalty and mobile app integration to EPOS for next generation customer experience

17 locations in Montana, USA

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Evolution of Customer Centric technology

White label app with integrated ordering and top-up.

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