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LoyLap have two separate applications available to download on the Clover App Market.  ‘Gift Cards’ is our application designed to offer branded Gift Cards to your customers, which eliminate the paper struggle by recording every transaction digitally. ‘Loyalty’ enables businesses to reward customers for each spend/visit, with all transactions feeding into your business dashboard to give you an understanding of your business hitherto unavailable to small businesses.

Why work with LoyLap?

Keep customers coming back
82% of customers return within two weeks of receiving their first loyalty reward.
Increase customer spend
Customers engaged with a business' loyalty programme spend 16% more on average than passing custom.
Understand and engage with your customers
LoyLap lets you view everything you need to know about your loyalty system in app or on the website, in real time.

They're already using LoyLap, and they're loving it!

Don't have a Clover mPOS Terminal?

Not to worry, you can use our software on any tablet or smartphone

Turn your Smartphone or Tablet into a powerful point of sale tool. LoyLap Partner, our business app, is available to download onto any android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet.  Once your LoyLap Business Account is set up, you’ll be able log into the app on your Smartphone/Tablet and immediately start rewarding your customers.

Retain, understand, and engage

How we do it

At LoyLap we recognise that technology is only half the battle. We understand that as an SMB you only have a certain amount of hours in the day, so our business is built to help you get the most out of your LoyLap account.

Each customer is assigned a LoyLap Success Manager (S.M.) to help utilise our technology to the best of its ability. Your Success Manager is there with you through each stage to help digitally connect your business and its customers.

Step 1 - System Launch
At LoyLap, loyalty is our bread and butter. Using our experience, we suggest a loyalty system for you that we feel will provide the greatest return on investment for your business.
Step 2 - 3 Month Review
After 3 months there will be a full report for your businesses. Your S.M. will walk you through what happened, how many customers are involved, what worked and didn’t work, and will provide a recommendation of what auxiliary features will improve your systems overall performance.
Step 3 - Implement, Grow & Review
After your 3 month report, your S.M. will work with you to implement any changes and additional features you’ve chosen for your LoyLap account.
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Software With A Service

At LoyLap we’re Software with a Service, and we will always be there to help you with any particular needs your business may have. Our software was designed to be flexible enough to adapt to individual businesses and we are always happy to talk to you about how we can tailor our service to your unique requirements.

LoyLap Features

We offer tailored loyalty solutions for any type of business.

Cash Back Loyalty System
Give back a percentage to your customers in the form of credit for your business.
Loyalty Tiers
Reward customers differently based on spending and visit history.
Stamp Loyalty System
Just like your loyalty card, with customer data insights.
LoyLap Upfront
Let your customers top up their loyalty account with their debit/credit card. You'll get paid upfront and they'll get their reward upfront.
Social Rewards
Give customers rewards for completing social actions.
Gift Cards
Order gift cards and load them with any denomination.

Designed for everybody

At LoyLap we recognise that any loyalty system needs to encompass all of a business’s customers, not just those with Smartphones. That is why we also offer our customers the option to order custom designed loyalty keyring fobs for their customers whom perhaps prefer a more traditional approach.

What can loyalty do for you?

Improve and enhance the connection to the customer.

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